About uReply



No need for training and most teachers can use it right away.​

It was developed at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and was first launched campus-wide in year 2012.

Live Audience Responses


All actions are fast and instant.​



uReply has features to enable different kinds of interactions in classrooms.​

Active Learning


Target at teaching and learning cultural change.​

Compatible with

                Smart Devices

uReply can be downloaded from app store/ Google play or you can directly visit the system login page on web browser*
*Compatible web browsers: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Chrome. JavaScript enabled.

Our Major Users

In developing uReply, we have the vision to change the teaching and learning dynamics through facilitating various types of interactions in the classroom. Teachers will better understand students' needs and learning progress because of the enhanced communications. Interactive classes will be more fun, active, student-oriented and engaging. We are pleased to see that the system has grown in functionalities and usage over the years. Thank you for your support. 



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