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Call for Contributions 

Good Teaching Practices with uReply 

The “Good Teaching Practices with uReply” activity is to provide an opportunity for sharing experiences or insights on sound pedagogical practices in using uReply features and functions. It aims to stimulate the creative teaching ideas among uReply users for learning enhancement.


Simply tell us your teaching practice /case by calling (852)3943 0834


OR send us your contribution and contact information to with the subject “Good Teaching Practices with uReply”. Contributions in written pieces/short introductory videos are also welcome.

For any accepted contributions, contributors may be invited to:

  • publish their user stories on the uReply official website and/or uReply eNewsletter

  • share their experiences in future events for education sector

Written pieces of user story can be written in English or Chinese. The text content or attached word document should include:

  • Title of the contribution

  • Abstract of your user story (100 to 500 words)

  • Tables, graphics or figures in the word document (optional)


An Introductory video with no more than 3 minutes (preferably sending us a link to access the video)

All submissions will be considered by the uReply team. If your contribution is submitted via email, our team will contact successful contributor within 5 working days. 

  • All the contributions are voluntary.

  • All content that you submit is your original work.

  • All your contributions do not contain any illegal, offensive and copyright infringement content. If your submitted content fails to comply with the aforementioned, or for any other reason, the uReply team retains the right to remove your contribution without any notice.

  • The uReply team retains the right to refuse, use, or publish any contributions at their discretion.



Notes on Contributions

Terms to Contributors

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