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taking attendance during a class on "Zoom"

 uReply Components


(Single-item session)

Teachers can preset the questions and store them in the question bank for later use or they can ask an instant question in the class. The steps are simple and quick!

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(Multi-item session)

Create an exercise and invite participants to join. Students see all questions at once and they work at their own pace.

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Game-like activities such as speed challenge and peer review exercises make the class even more engaging.


Open a multi-item exercise in homework/exam mode for students to work on it outside class time.

uReply GO

Add action points (pins) onto an online map and then associate each of the point with a question. A learning trail is then easily created. Students learn as they GO.

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This chatroom-like tool allows teachers and students to engage in dialogic communication in the classroom. The exchanges support various forms of multimedia. 

For Teachers

For Students

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Question Bank

Teachers can pre-setup questions and arrange them into quizzes in the question bank for convenient retrieval.

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All responses are automatically saved. We have various kinds of reports to suit different purposes.

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Tool for Medical Practicum Communication

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uReply for Developers

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